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    The immediate measure for absolute

         efficiency in paint preparation!

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        Clamping vehicle doors without

            removing the door panel!

Sata RPS-Cup opener, Lid opener, cup, bucket, bottle, deckelöffner,

Lid opener RPS-Cup

     Open Sata RPS-Cups with one hand!


Now available!
Webbro Workcenter

is a revolutiionary and unique workshop trolley that has been specially developed to meet the requirements and needs of vehicle refinishers. The Workcenter is designed to be used in any vehicle painting store.
The Workcenter is the immediate solution to ensure absolute efficiency, order and cleanliness in the workplace. By far the greatest added value of a paint store lies in the preparation processes - create the basis now with the Workcenter to fully exploit this potential in your company!
Click here, for more informations about the Workcenter

Now available!
The new Profiadapter "SF"

replaces the previously so complicated securing method of vehicle doors, whose hinge bolts both point downwards. This is increasingly the case with makes from the VW Group such as VW, Skoda, Seat, Audi, Porsche and also with newer models from Mercedes. The clamping device is extremely flexible, safe and easy to use - without a tool.
The Profiadapter "SF" should be used as a supplement to the conventional professional adapter sets. Vehicles that do not have bolts but holes on the door hinge can not be clamped with this set!

Click here, to see the Profiadapter "SF" in action.

Now available!
The Profiadapter wall mount

With the robust wall mount, up to 4 professional adapters including accessories can now be stored compactly and clearly in one place. Due to the markings on the wall mount, each accessory has its fixed place, which means that parts are less likely to get lost and thus no more mess can arise.
Click here to see a short video, where the wall holder is presented.


+ plastic box for small parts removable

+ no loss of accessories